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August 16, 2019

What type of music to have at your wedding | Sarah’s Tips | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Music creates an amazing ambiance for any wedding! So, it’s definitely important to choose something that fits with your personality and that will match your wedding theme and venue! I’ve been to a couple weddings where there were technical difficulties with the music or it just didn’t fit the space or the couple. I’ve also been to weddings where people want to get up and dance but the music doesn’t really allow them to or visa-versa, where people don’t want to get up and dance but the music is crazy! So, here are a couple different types of music/music vendors to consider and my thoughts and advice on each! Hopefully this will help you choose what’s the best fit for you and your love and your wedding! 

~ DJ ~ Hiring a DJ is such a smart way to go for your wedding, especially if you want a super fun, party atmosphere. DJ’s are so good at picking out dance songs and really have a way of fitting the music to the event and the couple! Some DJ’s even take suggestions and they’ll work with you to prepare a list of songs that will be perfect for your wedding! It’s also SO nice to have a professional with all their equipment. The music would never be too quiet and can fill a big space AND you don’t have to do ANY of the work! They’ll take care of everything! 

~ Live music ~ There are so many pros and cons for live music at your wedding. My suggestion, do your research! Make sure you hire live musicians that are capable of playing for the time needed (or have specific breaks set), that have played at weddings before and that are seasoned professionals! I would hate for the musicians to get tired of playing or to start making mistakes during your first dance or during a lull in conversation. The great thing about live music is the atmosphere that they bring. Live music is usually much calmer and is great for just background noise. It makes for the perfect setting for your guests to chat, enjoy the food and company and to congratulate you on your marriage!  

~ Playlist ~ Now, this is something I only suggest if you are on a super tight budget and you know exactly what songs you want to play at your wedding! My tips are to make sure your songs flow well and to put them in a specific order to coincide with the events of your day. You’d want to time exactly how long each song will last and which event will take place during that song. That way, you won’t have to stop your playlist. You can just hit play and leave it. But, you will need to make sure you have access to a speaker system so the music is loud enough for your guests to enjoy. And, in case you do need to pause the music, you need to have someone (other than you and your love) that knows how to work it and can be available during your wedding if needed. 

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