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January 5, 2017

Visitor’s Center | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I love Christmas and I love music! So, for this date Geoff and I went to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor’s Center and listened to one of my favorite choirs. From the Heart is a choir that I was in my last semester of school at BYU-Idaho. And I absolutely LOVED it! Their message is of the Savior and every semester they have¬†different members and different songs, but the message is always the same. So, it was extra special for me to be able to hear them sing about the Savior this Christmas. It was so beautiful!
And, the Visitor’s Center has different performances every night in December leading up to Christmas, so there are lots of opportunities to go and enjoy!¬†Like I said, I love music and I strongly believe that sometimes there are messages and things to learn from music that we can’t get through any other medium. It doesn’t cost anything and it was only about an hour. And of course, we went to get treats after. =) (Please excuse the terrible iPhone photo! It was all we had)

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