April 24, 2019

Turning 26! | Personal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Yep! It’s my birthday! I’m not quite sure how I feel about turning 26. Mostly it’s just another day, except that I also get kicked off of my parents insurance today! haha. I guess I have to adult for real now. But really, the older I’ve gotten the more I realize that birthdays aren’t really that exciting. So, to make it a little more fun, I’ve decided to share 26 random things about me! These are always super hard for me to come up with because I don’t feel like I’m that unique. So, we’ll see how this goes! 😜

~1~ I drink hot chocolate with popcorn!

~2~ I love lists

~3~ If I want a treat it’ll be some sort of ice cream, brownies or candy. I’m not a cookie or pie girl.

~4~ I’m team Mac alllll the way!

~5~ I’d rather wear a dress than jeans (not because I’m fancy but because it’s more comfortable)

~6~ My favorite color is olive green and it was one of our wedding colors, along with mint green and peach!

~7~ I’m terrible at updating my music. I still listen to the same songs I listened to in Jr. High. 🙈

~8~ I love my prime lenses!

~9~ I have 2 sweet girls but I HATED being pregnant…BOTH times.

~10~ My husband and I want to build a dream house with a turret and a shop/garage that’s as big as the house… think indoor basketball court, except without the hoops and ugly yellow floors.

~11~ I can play the piano but don’t practice near enough and when we moved we sold our piano. 😢

~12~ (wow, this is hard and I’m not even half way through 😳) I’m a SUPER light sleeper and if my husband snores when he’s sick it drives me crazy and wakes me up

~13~ I love having my hair long but then get sick of brushing it because it’s crazy tangly, so I chop it all off and then hate it immediately.

~14~ I scrapbook with my sister every Thursday afternoon!

~15~ I love planning fun events and getting new ideas. I Pin DIY ideas for birthdays, graduation parties, holidays and sometimes I go all out planning! I just planned a surprise graduation party for Geoffrey and we had a graduation candy buffet with student loans (100 grand), smarties, honor rolls (tootsie rolls) and more! I also made a money cake!

~16~ I HATE hot pink, but I’m pretty sure my 2 year old is gonna love it. 😖

~17~ I always make this face where I squish my lips up to my nose and raise my eyebrows and there’s NO EMOJI for it! And it’s super frustrating!

~18~ My favorite soda is Root beer mixed with Dr. Pepper and if I drink caffeine at all, that’s usually what I have. Has to be mixed with Root beer. Though, I’ve been drinking more caffeine lately because #2girlsunder3 and #nosleep

~19~ My love language is quality time and if Geoff and I don’t get regular date nights it gets a little rough. 😬

~20~ I love using exclamation marks and emoji’s because I hate it when people sound like robots over text or email! 🤓

~21~ (almost there!) I HATE small talk. Especially with strangers. I don’t want cashiers to try and have a conversation with me about my life.

~22~ If I start something, I have to finish it and it’s super hard for me to be interrupted. But, I’ll often start lots of tasks and then switch to other tasks…but I always have to finish them! Like, that day.

~23~ I hate running. And all sports in general.

~24~ I can drive stick shift! Both of our current cars are manual and it’s super fun! Also, I’m kind of a crazy driver. But, I’ve never gotten in an accident (except in High School, I got rear-ended once)

~25~ I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and my faith means everything to me. I’m so grateful for the knowledge the gospel brings me and for the joy I’ve found by following my Savior, Jesus Christ

~26~ I believe that marriage lasts FOREVER! I love my husband and I’m so grateful I never have to loose him.

📷~ Jaycee Photography, Edited by me

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