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April 23, 2018

Try a new restaurant | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Geoff and I are a little boring sometimes but we love eating out! We always end up going to the same places we’ve always been so for this date, we decided to try something new! We had never been to Nielsen’s in Rexburg so we went there! We had coupons so why not try something new!? And it was SO good! I got chicken strips and fries and Geoffrey got a hamburger. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meal and had their frozen concrete ice cream for dessert! SO GOOD! They also have deals every day and game night competitions during the week! It is definitely a new favorite!

So, next time you decide to go out to dinner for date night, try picking somewhere you’ve never been. We’re pretty boring and went to a normal place, but you could get as crazy as you want! Try a new cuisine or find a little whole in wall place that isn’t very well known and try that!

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