April 10, 2023

Then and Now | Personal | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Ah, this is a super vulnerable post for me! I’m not great at promoting myself or seeing how far I’ve come. .. I don’t like to brag ..uh. … So, this is SUCH a stretch for me. BUT, I know that it’s SO important to look at where we’ve come from and see where we are now. Sometimes I forget that I’ve grown and improved so comparing my photography from when I first started to now has actually helped me to see that I am growing and improving and working on just getting better! It’s no surprise that I’m pretty hard on myself so comparison sometimes gets the best of me. But there are times when comparison is healthy and welcomed and this is one of those times! This week I’m going to be comparing my photography work from then and now!

Looking back it’s pretty humbling to see the growth I’ve had. And it’s also so rewarding to see the difference in my images through editing, posing and the angles I shoot at. And little things like horizons not being straight. Just things that I didn’t focus on before and that I’m working on improving now. But mostly it’s rewarding to see that I am striving even more now to capture my couples story. That their relationship and documenting their special day is most important to me and as long as I can do everything I need to to serve them, then I’ve done my job! I notice the difference in stiff poses then and more candid, real, emotional moments now. I had a client meeting just the other day and one of the things she said that she loved most about my photos were the candid, genuine moments that I capture. And that is seriously a HUGE compliment to me. If you would have told me a few years ago that I could capture and create moments like that, I wouldn’t have believed you, but that is what’s so great about comparing then and now! It helps me see that I am telling my couples love stories and honestly, that’s the most important thing to me in my business!


then and now photography
then and now photography
then and now photography
then and now
then and now
then and now
then and now photography
then and now photography


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  1. Deneece Bush says:

    Your then photos are so beautiful but I LOVE that now you see the personality of those you photograph and are just plain stunning!! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing how you’ve grown your talents & captured so many joyous moments.

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