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June 7, 2017

Sunset & a movie | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Geoffrey and I really believe in going on date nights with just the two of us. And my daughter Adalynn is 5 months old now and one of the girls in neighborhood has been asking to baby-sit her. So, we finally took her up on the offer. Which was so nerve-racking for me because that’s the first time we’ve left Adalynn with anyone besides family.
But, Isabel was perfect to watch Adalynn and Geoffrey and I had an amazing date night! We packed a picnic dinner and set out in the car to find a perfect spot to watch the sunset. We ended up on a dirt road up by some farms. So, we parked, got out our food and talked and watched the sunset together! After we finished eating, we decided to hop in the back seat for a movie! Really, we did watch a movie!
We brought a laptop and set it up and we watched National Treasure. I’m a chick flick kinda girl, but sometimes you gotta pick an action-y movie. We didn’t quite have time to watch the whole movie because I was so nervous about leaving my baby with a 14 year old girl! But, everything turned out perfectly!
It was so fun to kind of be a kid again with a picnic dinner and a movie in the car. =)

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