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August 27, 2018

Star Gazing | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I always love to go star gazing in the summer! And it started to get super cold all the sudden so I knew we had to get out and see the stars before it got freezing! So, we put our little girl to bed, had a babysitter come over and headed out about an hour before sunset. We made a stop at Walmart to grab snacks and a blow up kiddie pool! We couldn’t find a kiddie pool though so we ended up with a twin size air mattress! haha! But it totally worked perfectly and that way we didn’t have to lay down on the cold, hard ground to see the stars! We decided to go out to the sand dunes past Rexburg because we thought we’d be able to see the stars better out there. I wanted to be able to watch the sunset, but we totally got our car stuck in the sand trying to park and had to get somebody to help us get it out! lol! Once we finally got the car out, we parked on the gravel and then grabbed everything to find a star gazing spot! We hiked to the top of a sand dune and blew up the air mattress and got comfy! We had some snacks and even though we missed the sunset, we still had to wait for it to get a little darker before we could see the stars. Geoffrey also downloaded a star gazing app on his phone so when we held it up to the sky, it helped us see the constellations! Cool! Unfortunately it was super smokey and the moon was crazy bright so we kept waiting to be able to see more stars but never could. lol. But it was so fun to go on a mini adventure and to see the stars that we could see! I think we actually both figured out how to find the little dipper too!

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