November 2, 2016

Stacey & Ethan | Reception | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

The day finally came for Stacey & Ethan to get married!!! yay! And since I was in the wedding party for a change, I decided it would be easier to have someone else take photos at the temple. Alyssa did an amazing job capturing the joy of their wedding day! But Stacey did ask me to take photos at the reception. Everything went perfectly! I usually tear up during the first dance, but Stacey & Ethan had so much fun that I didn’t have a chance to tear up! However, I did tear up when Stacey & her dad shared a dance. I watched Stacey’s dad do everything and anything he could as we got ready for Stacey’s big day. He was hands on, full attention, doing everything to make sure that Stacey was happy. And he loved doing it. Throughout the reception he shared fun little facts about wedding traditions and congratulated Stacey and Ethan. When it came time for the first dance, he teared up at the thought of letting his little girl go. But as I watched Ethan watch Stacey and her dad share a dance, I knew that her dad knew he was giving her up to an amazing man who loved her. And that was enough for him.

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