July 10, 2019

SC & Coco | Jackson Wyoming Elopement | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

This elopement was so surreal! I don’t normally do elopements, but I think this might change my mind a little bit. SC & Coco were so excited to get married and… a little nervous. They’re both from SoCal and they love traveling together. Specifically to the national parks. They’ve been to so many already and they’ve been to Teton National Park a couple times before. They decided it was the perfect place to get married and I could not agree more!

They love the Tetons and were mentioning that the day before they got married, they were out exploring and SC said if they didn’t see a bear that they weren’t going to get married. And if you’ve been to any national park, you know it’s always a pretty slim chance to see a bear. But, they totally saw one so it had to have been right for them to get married! SC is also a photographer and he captured an amazing image of the bear!

The weather was perfect! Thank goodness! It was super rainy the day before and even though it was a summer wedding, you can expect full sunshine in the Rocky Mountains. But the rain stopped just in time for them to get married and the sun even peaked out towards the end of our time with them.

SC & Coco were so sweet with each other. SC had prepared vows to read to Coco and she had no idea! They were so heartfelt and had Coco in tears by the end. She was so overwhelmed (and didn’t know she was supposed to prepare something too) that she basically just said, ‘you know I love you’ which was more than enough for SC. They shared their first kiss and then spent a moment looking out at the mountains just letting it sink in that they just got married! We spent a little bit of time here and then went to a couple different locations. And at the next stop they asked to get an image of them with their sunglasses which was so fun! You can totally tell they are adventurers and love to be outdoors in the national parks! I loved spending time with and getting to know these two and witnessing them marry each other in a place they love!

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