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April 19, 2023

Sagebrush Mountain Engagements | Kim & Taylon | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

These Sagebrush Mountain Engagements turned out way better than I thought they would since it’s Spring in Idaho! haha. But seriously, everything is brown right now so I really had to think about a location that would work without going too far into the mountains. They didn’t really want snowy pictures so I found this little cliff in the middle of nowhere with sagebrush, trees and rocks! And it was awesome! Not to mention, it totally correlated with their wedding colors which are hunter green and purple!

So, I actually met Kim through a good friend of mine, Deneece who also owns RIGBY WEDDING RENTALS. I have worked with Deneece many times and last year she asked me to take EXTENDED FAMILY PHOTOS for her side of the family. Well, Kim and Deneece are sisters! So, I was able to take photos of Kim during that session as well. I was with Deneece when she was asking how my business was going and said that Kim really wanted me as her wedding photographer. And I was like, WHAT?! I didn’t even know she was engaged! haha. And they weren’t technically engaged yet but they had started planning the wedding! So, when Kim did reach out I was so excited! And a little insider tip, if a vendor that’s part of my vendor referral program refers you to me, you get a 15% discount on your package! So, Kim was super excited about that!

Then when Kim told me who her fiance was, I was surprised that I already knew him! Taylon and I went to High School together in Rigby Idaho and graduated the same year! Kim and Taylon actually met on the dating app Mutual in November of 2022. They hit it off right away and felt like things were fitting into place for both of them. On their engagement questionnaire, I always like to ask what my couples enjoy doing together. Kim said ‘We love to go to the shooting range (Kim outshot Taylon the first time he took her out there)’. haha! They also love to go on drives and ‘just talk the night away’!

We had planned their engagement session for April 7th in hopes that it would be enough time for Kim’s ring to get here! Kim and Taylon have been talking about getting married since January but were just waiting for the ring to get here before Taylon proposed. The ring was taking way longer than expected so Taylon took Kim up to Warm River Campground in Ashton Idaho on April 2nd. Kim says, ‘It was very serene and beautiful. There was still a good amount of snow on the ground. We got out and walked on a bridge over the river … when we got towards the middle of the bridge, Taylon got down on one knee and pulled out a ‘stand in ring’ and asked me to marry him and I said, ‘Yes, of course!’. … It was a quiet intimate moment with the two of us and felt perfect and fit us to a T.’ How sweet is that!? So, of course during our sagebrush mountain engagements session, I went to take photos of the ring and then kind of stopped myself because I knew it was just a stand in ring. And Kim said, ‘No, this is the real one, it came this morning!’. How perfect is that!!!??? I love that it came just in time for photos! Kim and Taylon were so sweet during their session and I can’t wait for their June wedding!


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