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July 23, 2018

Park Competition | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Okay, so this date isn’t totally my idea! haha. But we did modify it a little bit. If you’re never heard of The Dating Divas, you need to look them up RIGHT NOW! They have amazing date ideas for all different occasions and they have tons of marriage tips too! I’ve followed them for a while and love planning date nights with their ideas! They do most of the work too so it’s super easy! They have tons of free printables and fun ideas. This date idea was a competition in the park! Since the weather has been awesome lately, I decided it was the perfect time to try this date!

My husband recently got a motorcycle and I’ve only been on it with him once. Mostly because I get motion nausea and being pregnant doesn’t really help that. lol. But, for this date, we dropped my daughter off at the babysitter (aka, my mom’s house). And then we rode his motorcycle to the park! And I didn’t get sick! Hooray! We pulled our picnic lunch out of his backpack and ate before we started our competition!

I decided to let him pick where we got dinner and he chose Wendy’s. YUM. Then we started our competition! We didn’t go in order but we did get them all in! We played frisbee.. and Geoff can throw WAY further than me! But I totally beat him on the swings! He was afraid we were too heavy for them so he didn’t try to get very high! haha! Then we improvised with the wheels one because we don’t own skateboards or bikes. So, we grabbed some of our daughter’s little cars and raced them! haha. It was such a fun date and of course, Geoffrey totally won. But he deserves it since he had a bunch of finals recently!

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