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November 17, 2023

On your wedding day | Behind the Scenes Part 4 | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Awh! Wedding days are THE BEST! I am always so excited to see how the details come together and so happy for you to get married! I try not to schedule much for myself on wedding days to make sure that I have enough energy to be totally present on your wedding day! The day before (or the morning of) your wedding I’ll send you a text wishing you good luck and helping you to remember to just enjoy your day! I’ll tell you what time I’ll arrive on site to confirm that I will be there and to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing!

I leave early to make sure that I’m early or on time for your wedding! I charge my batteries beforehand and make sure I have empty SD cards so that I am prepared to just focus on you and capture the memories and emotions of your big day! When I arrive, I typically come straight to find you. If you are busy or aren’t to the venue yet, I’ll start capturing all of the details! If I do find you right away, I’ll congratulate you and tell you that you look beautiful (which is ALWAYS true, by the way)! I’ll ask if you need anything and I’ll get last minute instructions so I can make sure that I capture exactly what you want! I’ll also double check on the timeline to make sure we’re on the same page in case any last minute changes were made. After that, I’ll leave you to finish getting ready and I’ll help with any last minute details that need to be attended to. That way, you don’t have to worry about anything! I just want you to focus on marrying your best friend and having the time of your life! Leave the stress and worry to me!

During the ceremony I’ll capture every moment! You walking down the aisle, your groom’s face the second he sees you, the tears and laughs during the vows and the perfect first kiss as husband and wife. And then I’ll capture the pure joy you feel walking back down the aisle after you’ve married your best friend!

Depending on your timeline, I’ll either pull you right away for family and couple photos or your guests will greet and congratulate you (if we’ve done family and couple photos beforehand). I like to make sure that family photos are quick and painless! I start with a big group photo of everyone and then work my way down. We’ll do all the combinations you want from extended family down to siblings and then into photos with the bridal party (which are definitely my favorite of the group photos)!

From there, I’ll pull you and your groom aside to take photos of just the two of you or we’ll do this after dinner when the light is better! Aside from vows and your first dance, this is my favorite part on your wedding day! I love being able to be with just you two right after you’ve made the biggest commitment and promise of your life. I love seeing the genuine love and joy that you have being husband and wife. And probably my favorite part, is that I get to capture your relationship and let you have a second to realize that you just married your best friend! To let it all sink in and just enjoy the moment.

And then the rest of the evening I am there to serve YOU! I just want to be there to capture the details and joy on your wedding day! I want to take it all in and really try to capture your love story. To capture everything that makes you and your love unique and special! And don’t forget, I’ll be checking in on you to make sure you have water/food and to steal your rings for a few more detail shots. About 10 minutes before I’m scheduled to leave, I’ll let you know what time it is and ask if there’s anything else you want me to capture! I’ll wrap up with last minute detail photos and let you know how long images will take to get back and then I’ll congratulate you once again and let you know how much I LOVED being a part of your big day!

If you’re curious about what it looks like to have me as your wedding photographer through the whole process, you can read my after your engagement session blog post!




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