March 27, 2020

My thoughts on COVID-19 | Personal

Well, I know this topic is on the forefront of everyone’s minds right now and it’s not hard to see why. It has changed so much how we live and has affected the world in an undeniable way. When we first started hearing about it, I’ll admit I was annoyed. I’m not the person that keeps up with any current news because I hate seeing how bad things are. I’d rather just live in my little naive bubble and not get worked up about anything. Because when I freak out, I really freak out.

So, when everything started happening here in the US, I just took a break. I got off social media as much as I could and I just hung out at home and tried to ignore everything. … I did have bronchitis though so I had a good excuse to stay in. But I was also worried that I might actually get the virus because I was already sick. I was up till 2am one night just stressing and pretty much having a breakdown because I was worried I had the virus and I was going to give it to my family… And I was frustrated that I couldn’t take care of them and of myself.

Luckily, my husband is so kind, and stayed home for a couple days so I could rest and get feeling better. Fast forward to now, I’m feeling much better and am realizing that this virus isn’t something I can just ignore. My husband is working from home (luckily he can and is still getting paid). But my work is closed and lots of other things are closed too. Feels kind of like we’re just spiraling out of control and there’s no end in sight.

BUT, people are also banning together. They are encouraging and supporting each other. They are trying to get through this and still be happy and find joy in the little things. And that is amazing. I saw a quote the other day that really touched me. ‘Remember, the only thing more contagious than a virus is hope’. … My word that I picked for this year, 2020, is HOPE. And now I see why. I wasn’t sure what word I was going to pick for 2020 but I read an article about hope and felt like that’s what I needed to focus on this year. How appropriate. How inspired.

So, while everything feels like it’s coming to an end. While it feels like there’s not a lot we can control, we can come together and have HOPE for the future. Hope that things will get better. That good things are coming and if not, that we’ll be able to get through all the hard things that are still ahead. … Most of you know that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And we’ve been asked to join in prayer and fasting on Sunday March 29th. We’ve been asked to think and pray for ‘the Lord to bless and inspire our Church and government leaders, all those who are suffering from COVID-19, the hearts of people to be turned toward the Lord, spiritual strength to overcome fear and anxiety and increased understanding and personal revelation’ … Now, some of this is obviously specific to my church and how I worship, but some of it’s not. So… I encourage everyone everywhere to pray … and if you’re not religious, just think … of all those who are fighting right now. Pray for strength and guidance and HOPE in this trying time.

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