April 24, 2020

My favorite things | Personal

Well, my birthday is today and I’m supposed to be on vacation with my mom and sisters. But my plans were cancelled for me. And it’s HARD. I was so excited for my birthday. I was going to do something adventurous and out of the norm. And now I just get to stay home like any other day. And I am disappointed, but I’m also learning that it’s up to me to have a good day. I can change my attitude and celebrate anyways! So, in case you’re wondering, here are a few of my favorite things!

~ Shows ~ Gilmore Girls, Friends, Superstore, The Good Place, Full House, Fuller House, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Cosby Show, The Voice, Songland, anything HGTV, almost anything baking or cooking (even though I hate baking and cooking) and recently, Lego Masters

~ Food ~ Vanilla Pepsi, popcorn, any kind of milk chocolate, chef salad, chicken strips, fry sauce, mint chocolate chip ice cream, well done steak, fries

~ Hobbies ~ 3D printing earrings, scrapbooking (paper and digital), organizing, photography (but only portrait photography, I super dislike landscape photography or any other kind of photography), shopping, diy-ing home decor

~ Songs ~ (oh man, I don’t listen to any new music ever so this list will show my age for sure) You are gold – national parks, you and me – lifehouse, all about your heart – mindy gledhill, all about us – he is we, I won’t give up – jason mraz, all of me – john legend, lift me up – kate voegele, the climb – miley cyrus, forever and always – parachute, another ticket – Stephanie Smith

~ Movies ~ Charly, Leap Year, Hitch, Everything you want, Pitch Perfect … and I never watch movies so I can’t think of any others. I like the Marvel movies occasionally.

~ Places ~ Cress Creek, Idaho Falls Temple, any amusement park, Ross. And I’d take the beach over the mountains any day (too bad I don’t get to go to the beach like ever though)

  1. Melanie says:

    You forgot- video chat with your sister 😉 hope your bday was amazing anyways!

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