June 5, 2019

Morgan & Jay | Orchard Engagements | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I actually knew Morgan growing up and babysat her and her siblings, so when I heard she was engaged, I almost couldn’t believe it! (Talk about making me feel old!) But, I am so excited for her and couldn’t be happier that I get to be a part of her big day!

Her and Jay met September of 2017. Jay saw Morgan walking home from church and decided to strike up a conversation with her and asked for her number after he walked her home. Their first date was at Kiwi Loco and they became great friends. They didn’t hit it off until November of 2018, but have been together ever since.

When they got engaged, they originally planned on August for their wedding. But after not sleeping well for a couple weeks, Morgan knew their date needed to change. Turns out the date they actually picked (less than a month from now) was the only date that Jay’s whole family could be there. Talk about miracles!

So, we planned their engagement session pretty quickly to make sure they could get invitations sent out on time. And, oh. my. goodness. these two were SO CUTE together during their session! Morgan was super nervous for pictures but Jay was so calm and helped her relax! They were literally laughing the whole time! I’ve never had a couple that has laughed so much and had so much fun together and I loved it! They made my job so easy! They just focused on each other and I could feel their connection. You can tell just by their interactions that their love is strong. That they won’t let trials pull them apart and when things get hard, they’ll turn to God and then to each other. I can’t wait for these two to be sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple on June 14th! Come faster!

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