June 3, 2019

5 of my biggest life goals | Personal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I am the type of person who is constantly striving to be better. I’m always setting goals for myself and just in the last couple years, I’ve been setting business goals as well. Each year, I focus on 5 personal goals and 5 business goals. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve shared a few of those goals at the beginning of each new year. These goals keep me focused on what’s most important and help me to grow and learn.

But, the goals I want to share today are much different. Because these goals are way more long term and way more vulnerable.

1 ~ At LEAST 50 years of marriage (or as long as I’m alive) ~ I believe in marriage so strongly and I believe that if both spouses work to have a good marriage, it can last FOREVER.

2 ~ To be financially stable enough to build a dream home! ~ Geoff and I are super picky when it comes to homes. We don’t love having close neighbors and he wants a HUGE shop, but I like to park in the garage and have an open concept. Also, laundry by the bedrooms is a MUST. We always go to the Parade of Homes and I can never find a home that is exactly right, though they are all beautiful! So, I’d love to be in a place that we can build our dream home.

3 ~ To learn to let things go ~ I have always been a perfectionist. And while sometimes it’s super helpful, I often wish I could worry a little less. Geoff is so good for me in this way. He’s always calm and doesn’t worry about the little decisions and I admire that so much about him. This is probably the hardest goal for myself because it’s just in my nature to worry. But, I know that the little things sometimes don’t matter and it doesn’t do me any good to worry about things I can’t control.

4 ~ To own and operate an events center ~ Whoooo. This is a goal that I’ve actually already had for quite some time. And I always go back and forth on it. I think, ‘this would be so cool, we should build and events center!’ and then I think, ‘it’s never gonna happen, who am I kidding?’. But, I think it’s one of those goals that’s embedded enough in me that eventually I’d love to reach. I have dreams of acres of land with trees and water all around. Our dream house would be on one end and the events center would be on the other. It’d be the perfect place for couples to get married and celebrate their marriage. It’d be the perfect place for photographers to photograph. It’d be the perfect place for people to gather and for love to abound.

5 ~ Leave a legacy of Christ-like love ~ If you know me at all, you know that my faith is the most important thing in my life. My Savior has carried me through so many hard times and I know He’ll continue to do so. And my only hope, is that through everything I do, I’m sharing His love. I’m not always the best at this. And I often think too much about myself. But, I’m still learning and still growing and one day I want my grandkids, their kids and even friends and strangers to remember that I LOVED.

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