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September 30, 2019

Messages for your love | Love will overcome

Well, I hate to say this, but sometimes I am just way too busy. I get distracted by dishes, laundry, money, events coming up, etc. I over-think everything and often times that doesn’t leave me much time to let Geoffrey know that I’m thinking of him. And that’s a bit of a problem considering his love language is quality time. So, it’s something I’m working on! I put together this list, mostly for myself, but hopefully you’ll find some use in it too! … I know if it was me, I’d love to know that my love was thinking of me throughout the day. And that’s why texting (or leaving little notes for your love to find) is so perfect! Here’s a few ideas of sweet messages for you to send to your love!

I’m thinking about you today

I hope your day goes well!

What sounds good for dinner tonight?

Only a couple hours left of work for the day! You can do it!

I love you

I’m excited for you to get home tonight!

I have an awesome date planned for this weekend with NO KIDS!

Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family!

I’m so grateful for the sacrifices you make for me

You are an amazing husband and father

The girls miss you today. They keep asking for daddy!

Thank you for showing kindness to others

I really admire how close you are to your Heavenly Father

I know this week has been rough for you, but you are doing awesome and the weekend is almost here!

I love it when you give me a long hug after a hard day

Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me

Thanks for taking the trash out last night

You mean so much to me!

Thanks for planning date night this week

It’s so cold outside today! I can’t wait to cuddle when you get home!

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