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September 27, 2019

10 unique dessert ideas for your wedding | Sarah’s Tips

It is so fun to serve desserts at your wedding! So, I thought I’d share 10 unique ideas that will fit with your personalities, wedding and budget!

1 ~ ice cream ~ Having ice cream is so fun and unusual for a wedding! You can get together some cute containers with ice and then just place ice cream bins in the ice and let people scoop themselves or be served. Another idea is to have cold stone or another ice cream company cater! Or, there are so many cute little local ice cream places that would totally help you out! 

2 ~ donuts ~ Donuts are so on trend right now and are a fun alternative to a regular dessert. You can display them staked up or hanging on a wall in a specific design! 

3 ~ popcorn ~ Okay, i’m not sure if popcorn technically counts as a dessert, but you could totally have all sorts of popcorn. Make a little buffet and have salted, caramel, cheddar, basically any kind of popcorn you like and it would be so cute! 

4 ~ candy ~ Candy is such a fun dessert idea for a wedding! Especially if you have very specific colors you’re using you can totally get candy in those colors and it adds a unique touch to your wedding! Plus, who doesn’t love candy!?

5 ~ crepes ~ So, my husband loves crepes and he makes them all the time. They’re not my favorite, but if you put some cinnamon sugar or strawberries and whip cream on them, I’m totally there! There are so many fun toppings you can have with crepes and your guest will love that they can customize exactly what they want! 

6 ~ popsicles ~ If your wedding is in the summer, then heck yes have popsicles! There are so many different kinds and colors and it’s so fun to have something different! 

7 ~ fruit ~ This is a great option for something that’s super yummy but not too sweet. Having a variety of fruit is perfect and fruit goes super well with chocolate for those of us that have a crazy sweet tooth! 

8 ~ hot chocolate ~ mmmm. This would be perfect for a winter wedding! Have lots of toppings and flavor shots so people can create whatever they want! 

9 ~ s’mores ~ Roasting s’mores is so fun and easy! Everyone can choose exactly what they want and then it’s turned into an activity during the wedding! That way, they have something to do during down time! And…so yummy! 

10 ~ pie ~ I’m not a huge pie lover, but some people just like pie way more than cake. All the power to ya! Pies are so versatile and you can cut tons of slices from just one pie! 

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