July 11, 2018

McKenzie & Jake | Twin Bridges Engagements | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

This couple was so quiet at first and I knew it’d take a little bit to get them to open up. But as we started walking through mud, and fake laughing, their smiles and personalities came out! Jake even carried McKenzie through some super muddy areas and got her laughing every time I asked! At one point, I told him to get her to laugh and he just said in the most serious voice ever, ‘honey, laugh’. HAHA! It was so perfect and it totally worked! A big grin came across her face and I got the cutest shot!

McKenzie and Jake are so laid back and were up for anything I asked, even when it came to Jake holding McKenzie in lover’s leap and swinging her back and forth. He even leaned her back and joked that he was going to get all the change out of her pockets! And she didn’t even have pockets! We also had a running joke going with Jake. There were a few times when I told him to look off in one direction and at one point, I said, ‘just ponder life’. And he said, ‘oh I am’. And every time after that when I’d have him look off in the distant McKenzie and I would say, ‘ponder life’. It was so fun working with these two and I can’t wait for their wedding in September!


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