July 4, 2018

Erica & Dan | Ritter Island Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

This was my first time shooting at Ritter Island so I was a little skeptical at first! I hadn’t seen the venue before the wedding and as I drove down a windy dirt road, I didn’t think there could be anything too special about this place. But boy, was I wrong! I turned the second corner to the bottom and saw the most beautiful waterfalls! And when I got to the bottom, there was a gorgeous river and tons of trees! It was amazing. Of course, we had a super windy Idaho summer day, but the scenery made up for all of that! And then I met Erica and Dan. Before the wedding, things were pretty hectic and lots was going on, but the second Erica stepped into the isle, everything was quiet. Her dad escorted her down an isle of grape vines and when she got to the end, she pretended to run away for a second! Which I thought was so funny! But after that, the tears started, and no one had dry eyes.

Watching these two get married and share their vows with each other is something I will never forget. Neither of them could make it through without choking up. But there were plenty of laughs in between it all which made everything so much more special. Erica mentioned how she knew right from the start that he was the one for her. And then Dan talked about how amazing it was that Erica became an instant mother to his daughter Makaila. And I’m pretty sure that she likes Erica more than her dad. 😉 But, they do have a little one on the way, so maybe the next one will be a daddy’s girl. The ceremony was perfect. And after it all, the hustle and bustle started again and the rest of the evening was all fun and laughs! Congrats Erica & Dan!


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