December 30, 2022

A Letter to my Daughter | Happy 6th Birthday Adalynn | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Miss Adalynn!

You are 6 today! It seems like you already turned 6 mostly because I’ve been telling people you’re 6 already. haha. Ah, this year has been filled with ups and downs but I think I’m starting to understand you more everyday. And that’s because I’m realizing you are just like me. Organized, stubborn, serious, creative, likes to have a plan and likes to get your way. But I’ve also realized that you have some qualities I don’t. You are SO fun and full of light! You are the kindest little girl I know and would do ANYTHING to help! You are so smart too!

This year you started Kindergarten and I know you were SO excited to go to school all day every day! And I was excited for you to go! I wasn’t worried about you and I knew you would do well! The excitement and the confidence in you didn’t go away but the worry did creep in about a month before you started school. I found myself feeling like I hadn’t taught you everything you needed to know to be a Kindergartener! …And that was partly true. But I also realized that a parent’s job is never done. And that I can’t prepare you for everything. … Sometimes I feel like school is overwhelming for you (especially at the beginning), but some days are like that and we do our best to get through them with lots of cuddles and hopefully communication. The truth is, school has been incredible for you! You are thriving and learning so much and I am learning to let go and realize that you are more capable than I think.

I know we butt heads sometimes and I am trying not to be so hard on you all the time. … I just want you to know how much I love you and how much you teach me, on a daily basis. You are an amazing little girl and I can’t wait to see who you become! I love you sweet girl! Happy Birthday Adalynn!

Love mom

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