January 2, 2023

2023 goals | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

I have been thinking about what I want my 2023 goals to be for a couple months now and it’s actually been hard to decide what I want out of 2023. I know I want my business to be more successful and I know I want to draw closer to my Savior and have better relationships with my family. .. But I’ve had a hard time figuring out what goals I need to make in order to get there. …I usually have such a clear idea of what I want but going into this year feels a little different. Yes, I will and have set 2023 goals, which I share in a minute, but I think more than anything, I want to allow myself to kind of figure it out a little bit as I go. …Sometimes, okay, most of the time, I see things in black and white. So, when I make goals, sometimes I get hyper focused on those goals that I don’t stop to see if there are other opportunities that would get me to the same place. Which leads me into my main 2023 goal. …

~ INTENTIONAL ~ Every year, I pick a word or phrase to focus on for that year. And for 2023, the word Intentional just kept coming back to me. Now, I am definitely a planner and always have been, but sometimes being intentional is not just planning. There are plenty of days when I scroll too long on social media, have my phone out when my girls want to play with me, binge watch tv shows for hours on end when I could be doing something more productive and say things without thinking first. And on the other hand, there are times when I am too busy sticking to a plan to stop and realize that people around me need me, including my family. … So, for me, intentional means noticing the small things. It means choosing to spend my time and energy focusing on what matters most. Even if I did have a different plan! It means being willing to stop and listen and slow down a bit so I can see different opportunities.

~ DRAW CLOSER TO MY SAVIOR AND MY FAMILY ~ Man, sometimes I feel like I am just going through the motions, without really trying to communicate with my family or draw closer to my Savior. … So, for me, this goal looks like daily scripture study as a family (hopefully) and studying come follow me as a family weekly. And for me personally, it means making my prayers more intentional (there’s that word again) and trying to communicate better with my family.

~ START A MONTHLY WEDDING PLANNING CLASS ~ Oh my goodness, guys, I have SO many 2023 goals for my business that it’s hard to share just one! haha. But, I also don’t need to bore you with how I’m going to market differently this year or alllll the millions of things I need to do to increase my social media reach. haha. So, I’ll share the most exciting one instead! Last year, I added wedding planning to what I offer in my business which you can read all about here! And it has been scary and awesome and hard but I LOVE planning and seeing things come to life! But I also know that hiring a wedding planner can be expensive and a little overwhelming. And for a lot of brides, planning your own wedding is really special and you want to do it. … At least, that’s how I was. =) SO! I am going to work on content for a wedding planning class that will help you get everything organized and started so it’s not SO overwhelming! Planning a wedding can be stressful, but my job is to make it easier! Even if that’s just teaching a 1 hour planning class to help you see that it’s doable! That you can plan a wedding without loosing your mind! haha! And just for the record, this goal is SOOOOOO far out of my comfort zone. I really don’t love being the center of attention and I always feel like the knowledge and experience I have is not enough. … I know I know. HARSH. But, I know that to grow, sometimes you have to get outside of your comfort zone! And I really do want this to be a resource for YOU! So, that’s what I will focus on, instead of me having to actually be up in front of a bunch of people trying to convince them that I know what I’m doing! haha! But in all seriousness, I’m so excited to work on this throughout the year and make sure it’s ready for launch in the fall!

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2023 goals
2023 goals

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