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August 23, 2017

Frisbee and Dinner | Sarah’s Date Ideas | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Well, my life has been a little crazy lately so I totally forgot to take a picture of this date! So, I get to use an old one from Jaycee Photography!

This date was so fun! Geoff and I aren’t very athletic, so we don’t get out much. But, we both really like frisbee. My brother-in-laws borrowed our frisbee a while ago and they lost it!!!! So, they bought us two new frisbees. haha. And we hadn’t tried them out yet. Geoff and I are high school sweethearts and we used to play frisbee all the time! Anything to get out of the house. So, it was fun to take a trip down memory lane and do something we love but haven’t done for a while. Since we had two frisbees, we each tried throwing them at the same time and then catching the one the other person threw. It was a fun twist to just throwing one frisbee back and forth and it kept us on our toes! Also made for some crazy frisbee throws!

Then we came home at made dinner together, which we haven’t done for a long time. Geoff actually showed me how to make something that we kind of invented. Grilled pineapple chicken and rice. And it was SO GOOD! It was also super nice not to have to worry about dishes or cleaning or having dinner ready at a certain time. We just relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

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