Oh my goodness, having kids changes your life completely! My husband and I always knew we wanted kids but once we finally had our first daughter, our relationship changed drastically. It was so much harder to make time for each other and to stay connected and in love. Our daughter is almost 2 now and […]

Okay, who’s heard about love languages? When Geoff and I got married we received the book ‘The 5 Love Languages’ as a gift. I’ll admit, we didn’t read it all, but we did go through and take the quiz online to figure out our love languages and it has helped SO MUCH! There are 5 […]

Being able to support your husband is an amazing strength to them and to you! It builds trust and makes your relationship so much better. And I know from experience. This is something I’ve really struggled with because sometimes I don’t even understand what my husband is talking about. He’s a Mechanical Engineering major and […]

This post is going to be very transparent and real. For those of you who don’t know, I am a Latter-day Saint. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have grown up in the church my whole life. I believe in God and I believe that He sent His […]

Oh man, this is a subject that I feel is so important! Probably because I need to hear it over and over again! I think a lot of times we forget that being married has so much to do with service. Yes, we want to be happy and taken care of, but if we focus […]

I believe in marriage. I believe that it can last forever, not just this lifetime. I believe that love is the strongest force in this world. I believe that love conquers all. I believe that love will overcome. And I believe that love is an action, not just an emotion. In today’s world, marriage isn’t […]

If you’re married, or even if you’re just dating or engaged, then you know that relationships take work! We can’t just expect the other person to do everything so we need to put in some effort too. One way that my husband and I have really been able to strengthen our relationship is through regular […]

I believe in love and I believe that marriage can last forever! So, I want to share 3 books with you that will change your marriage! Now, I am NOT a reader. But when you get to read with someone else, it makes it a little bit easier. =) So, I suggest reading these books […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I love this holiday and not because I get gifts or because I’m a sappy person (I am kind of a sappy person), but because it’s a day that I get to focus on love!!! Sometimes we get caught up in the daily routines that we forget to work on loving those […]

Right before I graduated college I went to a seminar and the speaker talked about something I will never forget. He told us a story of his father and grandfather. His grandfather was a chemist and encouraged all his sons to study physics and work in the science field. So, this particular son started college […]


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