November 19, 2020

A letter to Embree | Personal | Sarah Tapp Photography

Embree girl!

You are 2 today! Happy Birthday sweet pea! Well, it’s no surprise that my pregnancy with you was hard. I don’t love being pregnant to begin with and then you decided you wanted to move and move all the time! I didn’t know then that you would bring me so much joy and light. I love seeing you grow and seeing your personality get bigger and bigger every day!

I know you’re afraid of strangers but that’s literally the only time you are quiet and still. You even move around in your sleep! You’re constantly kicking your legs or banging your head against whatever is close to you and you climb on everyone and everything!!! You are so sassy and you definitely don’t want to be touched when you’re upset. You like to run away and lay down on your belly and pout. But I will say, it’s pretty cute.

You also give the BEST hugs and I love seeing you drag your blanket around just holding the corner up by your nose. Your favorites include juice, any stuffed animal, running, playing outside, your poppy doll, baths, your baby doll, and all kinds of fruits! Oh and let’s not forget yogurt and string cheese.

I love that you’re starting to talk and repeating everything that sister says! You always know what you want and you’ll let us know loud and clear! You get so excited over the littlest things and I love it! You are learning how to color and give kisses, but I think your favorite past time is watching movies! Can’t believe my baby is 2 already! Happy Birthday Embree!

Love mom

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