March 5, 2023

30 random facts about my husband | Happy 30th Birthday Geoff! | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Ah! Well, normally for birthdays, I write letters to my family but this year I decided to shake it up a bit! Let’s see if I can come up with 30 random facts about my husband for his 30th birthday!! haha!

1~ Geoff’s full name is Geoffrey pronounced ‘Jeffrey’ but in High School people always called him Gee-off-ree or Gee-off.

2~ He loves soda and carried 2 liters around with him in High School all the time

3~ He loves RC planes and helicopters and cars. He has built several from scratch, including the electronics to make them move

4~ He would eat only meat for the rest of his life if he could

5~ Has 4 brothers and is the second oldest

6~ Watches YouTube videos all the time about super random things

7~ Doesn’t like short sleeve button up shirts and never wears sweatpants

8~ Knows EVERYTHING about aviation and wants to get his private pilots liscense someday!

9~ Only has 3 pairs of shoes

10~ Made the first move by walking around an entire circle of people to sit by me (which you can read about here)

11~ Put together a whole scavenger hunt to propose to me (which you can read about here)

12~ Served an LDS mission in Porto Alegre Brazil and learned portuguese

13~ Is starting a firearms accessories business even though he doesn’t really love hunting. haha! But in all seriousness, he is so excited about it and is going to rock it!

14~ Doesn’t want to work for someone else his whole life

15~ Has had 2 (maybe 3) kidney stones

16~ His dad passed away in 2018 and it was really hard for all of us. We miss him but are glad he’s not in pain anymore

17~ Doesn’t like being with lots of people in any circumstance

18~ Likes to be alone and do his own thing to recharge

19~ Has a Honda Rebel 500 motorcycle that his dad bought for him before he passed away

20~ Knows a lot about everything!

21~ Doesn’t like eating leftovers

22~ Will let me pick where to eat almost every time

23~ Is SO SELFLESS that he will literally suffer through something he doesn’t want to do just to make someone else happy

24~ Can fix pretty much anything himself

25~ Knows how to yo-yo

26~ He can solve a rubiks cube

27~ His favorite movies are star wars, marvel movies, etc.

28~ Isn’t a fan of card or board games but will play if I ask him

29~ He can play the piano and guitar and was in a band in High School

30~ Thinks it’s no big deal that he’s turning 30 and I decided to not plan a party for him because he would honestly rather have the day to himself! haha!

There ya go! 30 random facts about my husband! haha! But, really, I love this guy and all he does for me and our family and I’m so grateful he was born 30 years ago! Happy Birthday love!!!!!


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