October 21, 2019

Youngstrom Family | Idaho Mini Session

I adore this family! I met Angie through my sister Melanie so I’ve known her for quite a while. And when I got pregnant with Adalynn, my first, Angie and Melanie and I started walking together in the mornings. It’s seriously the only exercise I ever got! haha. We continued walking together every school year until we moved to Oregon. So, I’ve gotten to know Angie and love hearing all about her family!

Even though I knew her family I hadn’t seen all of the kids for a long time! So, when we finally met up for pictures I was so surprised at how much they’ve grown! But these kids were so much fun! You can tell that they’re a close family. They support each other in everything and Angie and Brett have made sure that they know family is most important!

They’ve been married for 15 years but said it’s only felt like a couple days! And even after 5 kids you can tell that their marriage is still strong and that they make time with each other a priority! At one point when I was just taking photos of Brett and Angie, I had them kiss and right after they kissed Angie said, ‘Is that all ya got!?’ with a little smirk across her face! It was SO CUTE!

Also….couldn’t their kids totally be models!? I mean, just look at them! SO BEAUTIFUL! And the RED HAIR! Uh, to die for!

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