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November 1, 2017

Why Bridals? | Sarah’s Tips | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

~ What are Bridals?

Prior to your wedding, you and your fiance will dress in your wedding attire. You will get your hair and makeup done and the two of you will come to a location of your choice and I’ll take images of just you together! I’ll capture the love you have for each other and get all the detail  shots. The ones of you just focusing on each other . The ones of your dress and his tie. The ones of the earrings or pearls from your mom. The ones of your engagement rings. The ones of you strolling hand in hand, ready to become husband and wife.

~ Why Bridals?

Bridals are the perfect way to capture your love in a calm and stress-free way. Wedding day is SO stressful so bridals are the perfect time to just soak in the moment. You are getting married and I want you to have images that reflect your excitement and relationship. On wedding day you’ll have lots of family members that may want specific shots. You have to worry about preparing your reception and lets not forget the emotional stress that comes with the honeymoon. By planning bridals two weeks ahead there is less stress and we can really capture the joy and excitement of your upcoming wedding. We have better control of the light and we can get all the detail shots you want! It’s also a good practice run for your hair and makeup and making sure his tie is the right color.

~ What is a first look and why have one?

A first look is when you see your fiance in their wedding dress/tux for the first time. Instead of seeing your bride for the first time at the ceremony while everyone is looking at you, how about having a moment with just the two of you? Things are so much less stressful and you can have ALL the time you want to just take each other in.

~ What do I need to have prepared for my bridals?

Wedding dress, pressed or dry-cleaned, Jewelry, Bouquet if you want one, Bride and groom’s rings, Groom’s tux/suit and tie, Shoes that you’ll wear on your wedding day, Hair and makeup done


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