May 15, 2019

Thoughts on Gratitude | Personal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

This blog post is going to be very candid and very raw and real. The last few months have been pretty hard for me. And I’ve noticed that I’ve been more and more frustrated and negative. I’ve been annoyed at little things and I’ve struggled to be happy and positive. I’ve had headaches and been super exhausted (which I’m sure is partly because my sleep gets interrupted nearly every night). And I’ve been dealing with a little bit of anxiety and probably depression. But it wasn’t until this last week that I realized it. And when I finally made the connection, I knew I needed and wanted to do something about it. Even before I made the connection, I knew something was off so I started getting massages and went to the chiropractor thinking that would take away my headaches and give more more energy and it did help. But it wasn’t until a couple days ago that I actually realized that I needed something else. I went to get a foot zone from a good friend thinking it would help me reset and maybe help me less anxious and have less pain. And as we were talking, I mentioned that I’d been super frustrated lately and without hesitation, my friend challenged me to think of 3 things each day that I’m grateful for. And she said I should do it for a month straight and ask someone to do it with me so I was accountable. At first I thought, oh that’s a good idea but I don’t know if I’ll do it. And then I kept thinking about it and realized this is what I needed. So, I texted my sister later that day and asked if she would do it with me and of course she said yes.

It’s only been 2 weeks and it has already made an AMAZING difference. Some days have been hard still and I’ve struggled to come up with things I’m grateful for or it’s silly simple things like the rain or food. Haha. But, other days it has been so good and I’ve been able to think of way more than just 3 things.

It’s crazy how something so simple can have such a big effect on your life in such a short amount of time. We are meant to have joy in this life and believe it or not, that is something I struggle with sometimes. I get caught up in daily responsibilities and completing tasks that I forget to stop and take in the little moments of my every day life. But, since doing this gratitude challenge I’ve been able to find more joy in the little things, even in the mundane things like changing diapers and trying to soothe my 6 month old when she’s fussy. And that is astounding to me.

I am so grateful that my friend thought to challenge me to do this and that she cares enough to try and help me. I am grateful that my perspective has already changed and that I’ve been able to be more positive and find more joy in life. And most of all, I’m grateful for a Heavenly Father that IS in the details of my life. He knew exactly what I needed when I needed it and isn’t it amazing how changing one little habit can make such a big difference. It really is true that our lives are easier when we focus on the good and the things we’re blessed with. Not because our trials go away, but because we can actually see the hope.

So, if you’re struggling in any way with anything, I challenge you. I challenge you as a friend, as a sister, as a fellow mother, to try and think of 3 things you’re grateful for every day for 1 month. I PROMISE it will change your perspective. And if you don’t have anyone to do it with you, ask me. Even if I’ve never met you or we don’t talk, I want to help. I want you to remember YOU ARE LOVED and I want you to have a happy, joyful life! Because God loves you and He loves me and He wants ALL OF US to be happy!

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