June 2, 2021

Sam & Kaleb | Unique Oregon Wedding | Sarah Tapp Photography

Oh. my goodness. This was the coolest wedding ever! Now, I’ll say that black and skulls are not really my thing, BUT I absolutely LOVE it when a couple is so unapologetically themselves for their wedding! When I photographed Sam & Kaleb’s engagement photos, Sam pulled me aside and told me she had a surprise for Kaleb at the wedding. I was intrigued, but before she had the chance to tell me, we were back to photographing. So, I texted her and she told me that she was going to wear a BLACK DRESS! Say, WHAT!? I was immediately SO EXCITED! And knew that their wedding would be SO fun! And it was!

They had so many unique and quirky personal touches and I LOVED it! Sam & Kaleb decided to start their day with a first look just between them. And Sam had the PERFECT spot at a secluded park in Falls City, Oregon. It was like we were in the Redwood Forest! The lighting was to DIE for and it was so fun to watch Kaleb wait for his bride to be. I got him into position and told him to stay there so he wouldn’t see Sam until I was ready to capture it all on camera! He had a little notebook that he was writing in and told me that he was working on his vows. He had this huge thing all written out and then after their rehearsal the night before, he decided to start completely over! So, I left him to his writing and headed up the hill to welcome Sam who came into the park on a Harley with her daddy! She got off the bike and walked down to Kaleb who was turned away so we didn’t spoil the surprise too soon! After a few photos, Sam turned Kaleb around and they had such a sweet moment together! They were SO happy and so excited that they were about to get married!

We finished with couple photos, took family photos and then headed over to the ceremony spot right by the river. Sam & Kaleb included so many family members and friends in their bridal party and it was so fun to see everyone there to support them in this moment. Sam came down the aisle hand in hand with her dad and daddy who were so happy to make sure she didn’t fall in her super tall heels! After the ceremony started tears were flowing. Kaleb read his vows first and even he teared up. And then he surprised Sam with a custom made book with all the reasons why he loves her. Then it was Sam’s turn to say her vows. … When I met Sam & Kaleb they shared something very personal and vulnerable with me. … When they got engaged, Sam was pregnant with their first baby together. They lost their little girl too soon and I am sure it’s been so hard for them. I was touched that Sam felt comfortable enough with me to tell me about this experience. … After their engagement session, my birthday came. Come to find out, I share a birthday with their little girl. Sam messaged me that day and said that she felt like it was a little sign from Heavenly Father that I was exactly who was supposed to photograph their wedding. And I was so unbelievably touched and moved that I was able to be a part of this experience for them. … So, during Sam’s vows, she mentioned their baby and said that one of the reasons she loved Kaleb so much is because he always has faith over fear. Then she gave Kaleb a little box that included all of the broken pieces of her because she knew that he would always take care of them and take care of her.

The black dress and skull lined vest might have you thinking that this couple is harsh or tough. But Sam & Kaleb are far from that. They are so sweet & kind and I am so grateful that everything came together for them to have a beautiful and amazing wedding day where they promised themselves to each other in such a touching and unique way! So blessed to be a part of their day and their lives. Congrats Sam & Kaleb!

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