March 10, 2021

Sam & Kaleb | Oregon Engagements | Sarah Tapp Photography

Sam & Kaleb met through Facebook and found out that they had a lot of other connections through family and friends. They started talking and were pretty serious after just about 6 months. Kaleb proposed as they were having family photos taken (they have 4 boys between them) and she was totally surprised!

Sam & Kaleb were SO easy going and calm! I live closer to Medford and they live closer to Salem so we decided to meet in the middle just outside of Eugene. And half the drive for me was rainy! I was so worried that it was going to be pouring when we got there, but luckily the sun came out just in time! Of course the ground was super wet which didn’t help the situation when Sam showed up in heels and a white dress looking stunning! We did have a little scare when Sam & Kaleb were walking down this path. Sam tripped and started to fall but Kaleb grabbed her hand just in time and her dress barely scrapped the ground! And she had no stains! Thank goodness! haha. We walked all around the grounds at Mount Pisgah and it was beautiful! Sam & Kaleb were so cute together and I didn’t have to do much directing which is always a plus. Can’t wait for their unique May wedding!

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