October 3, 2018

McKenzie & Jake | Outdoor Pocatello Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

McKenzie and Jake have been a dream to work with! They are so laid back and their wedding was on a perfect Idaho fall day! Not too hot and not too cold! Though it was a little windy. Figures, right? Jake and McKenzie met through a dating site called Tinder. They went on a first date and the rest is history! They’ve been inseparable ever since! These two are super chill about everything and even how Jake proposed was so simple! They were having a game night with Jake’s parents. They ‘were bowling on [Jake’s] Xbox Kinect, and [Jake] was the one bowling at the time. [They] are both playfully competitive so [McKenzie] was teasing [Jake] about how he was doing, when he stormed out of the room ([McKenzie] thought [she] upset him). A few moments later [Jake] came back to the room, got down on one knee and asked [McKenzie] to be his forever!’ How cute is that!?

Jake even teared up when he saw McKenzie walk down the isle. Their ceremony was short and sweet and their vows were adorable! I remember at one point McKenzie said, ‘I promise to celebrate with you when the Broncos win and comfort you when they lose’. And that got everyone laughing! Jake even had a strip of bright orange in his wedding ring, so you know that the Broncos are definitely his team! Their wedding colors went perfectly with the beautiful fall colors surrounding their venue! And everything went great! I’m so happy for these two and I wish you all the best!

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