August 8, 2018

Marriah & Dallen | Ogden Temple Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Marriah and Dallens wedding was the perfect Utah summer day! They met online and met soon after in person in Utah. Marriah is from Kansas and was traveling to Idaho to start school at BYUI. When she and Dallen met she knew he was the one for her and joked that she didn’t even need to go to Idaho to find a husband! They saw each other almost every weekend with her going to Utah or him coming to Idaho and the rest is history!

When Dallen decided he wanted to propose, he asked Marriah’s dad for permission. And Marriah’s┬ádad being a major dooms day preparer gave Dallen a challenge. He wanted Dallen to build 5 fires without matches or a lighter and 5 snares out of household items and he wanted videos of it all! So, Dallen got to work and Marriah videoed it all! When it came time for the last fire, Dallen said he wanted to have a bonfire with friends. So, they waited for everyone to get there and Marriah took a video of him lighting the fire. After he lite the fire, he turned to Marriah and said, ‘Well Rod (Marriah’s dad), now that that’s done, Marriah, will you marry me?’ And of course, she said yes!

I love how relaxed and calm Marriah and Dallen’s wedding was. You could tell that they just wanted to celebrate with family and friends and start their new life together! Luckily, the warm summer sun cooled down for us just a bit for the reception and it was beautiful! Congrats Marriah and Dallen!!!


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