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November 10, 2021

Lewis Family Mini Session | Rigby Idaho | Sarah Tapp Photography

Uh, the weather is getting COLD! Moving from Oregon this summer, the one thing I was super nervous for is Idaho winter. … I really don’t love winter or the snow. And driving in snow gives me serious anxiety, especially since I’m out of practice. So … I’m just going to ignore the inevitable and post this summer session instead!

I’ve known Xio & Kyle for a few years now and I was so happy to photograph their growing family. I took photos of their first baby when he was a newborn and now they have 3 kids! They’ve moved away from Idaho and we’ve moved away from Idaho, but they moved back this year and I was so grateful she reached out for a mini session! Xio is so kind and I will never forget our first interactions with each other. Shortly after we met, Xio came to my door and handed me a note. After she left I read it and she wrote that she admired my faith and perseverance … and that note was so heartfelt and so meaningful to me. … I’m not sure if she’ll remember that or not, but that’s the kind of person Xio is. She is so genuine and kind and I’m so grateful to know her!

Our warm summer session was so fun! The kids ran around, played and threw rocks! And mom and dad even ran around a little too! The weather was so perfect and everything was lush! At the end, we gave the kids suckers so mom and dad could have a few minutes to themselves and they were so cute together! They have so much fun in their relationship and it was just great to photograph them!

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