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September 20, 2017

Jan & Mary | Surprise Proposal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

About a month ago, I was asked to be a photographer for Treasures. They were putting together a big styled shoot to feature several of their dresses and tuxes. I was so excited to do this and couldn’t wait to collaborate with Kathy! It was a little stormy so we were trying to be quick, but the images were turning out beautifully! I loved seeing all the different dresses and we had so much fun! I started photographing this couple and asked if they were, dating, engaged, married. And they said, ‘We’re together’. They were so photogenic and it was a dream to photograph them! Well, about half way into the shoot, the guy, Jan, comes up to me with his friend and says, ‘So, Mary doesn’t know, but I’m going to propose to her tonight. And I was wondering if you would take pictures of it’. AHHHHHH!!! I couldn’t believe it! He was just going to have his friend take them, but since I was there, he just figured he’d ask me! I immediately said yes and we planned it all out! So, towards the end of the night, when it started raining, I took them to the fire engine for a few last minute pictures. Jan’s friend handed him a bouquet of roses and the rest is history! I loved being able to capture this special moment and I am so excited for Jan and Mary! Congrats!!!

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