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September 23, 2019

How to make your new house feel like home | Sarah’s Tips

Well, most of you know that we just moved. And it was a pretty big move for us this time! But, every time I’ve moved in the past, I always have to make my new place feel more like home right away! So, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. haha.

The first thing I do is unpack. I know it’s sometimes so overwhelming to move and then go straight into unpacking. But even if things aren’t in the exact place you want them, it is so nice to just get the boxes out! Obviously, it’s a little unrealistic to unpack everything in a day. But, take a couple days or even a week and just focus on unpacking first! Just being able to see all your stuff really puts your mind at ease. I know with me and my husband, there were some things on this last move that we were worried about breaking so just unpacking helped so much!

After I unpack, I make a plan for decorating. I know it sounds crazy to do that so quick after moving. But for me, if I don’t have anything on the walls, it’s not home yet. So, even if I just have to tape a picture up that doesn’t have a frame, it still helps! And even if stuff looks weird on the walls or I don’t quite have enough to fill each wall, I still hang things up. I always hang up a at least one picture of our wedding, one picture of our family and one picture of Christ. Even if I don’t get anything else up on the walls, seeing those 3 things bring me so much comfort.

Moving is crazy and super hard, so making your house feel more like home can really bring your mind and soul peace! The last thing I do to make my house feel  more like home is open the blinds every day!!! I know it sounds so weird, but just seeing the outside world and letting in natural light lifts me up! Here’s to hoping that new places can feel more like home! 

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