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How to display your photos | Sarah’s Tips | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I must admit, I’m not the best at displaying photos in my home. But mostly, it’s just because I’m lazy and I can NEVER choose which ones I want to display! There are also SO MANY different ways that you can choose to display them! So, I just have a hard time deciding. But, I do have a couple tips and things that I’ve found work great for me!

1st ~ Right after you get your photos, pick your FAVORITES! This helps so much because when you go to print photos you know which ones you love the most! For me, this is half the battle. I always want to display everything and then I get super overwhelmed because you can’t just hang allllll your 256 images up. (unless you do them all like wallet size on a huge bulletin board or something, but still…that’s A LOT of images) So, being able to choose from 20-50 of my favorite images is WAY easier than going from 256 down to 5.

2nd ~ Decide where/how you want to display your images before you print them! I feel like preparation is key in displaying your photos. You want to make sure you know exactly where you want to display them in your home. Some people like to have each image in a frame that’s standing up on a shelf. Some people like to have all their images on one wall. Some like to have them spread out throughout the house. For me, it’s easiest to make a little collage of images on one wall. So, head over to Pinterest to get ideas and decide how many images and what arrangement you want them in. I saw a super cool idea a while ago for images in frames on 2 different walls, but in one collage! Say, what!? Just go to my Pinterest board and you’ll see what I’m talking about! After you’ve decided which arrangement and how many photos you want to display, it makes ordering or printing them sooooo much easier! Because you already know what sizes you need and whether you want them to be in frames or on canvas. That way, when you go to order or print you only have to make 1 other decision, matte paper or gloss paper OR fine art canvas or gallery wrapped canvas. (my personal preference is matte paper!)

3rd ~ Choose where to order/print. If you want high quality prints or canvases that will last a lifetime and look AMAZING on your walls I would suggest ordering though a professional printing company. I order through Miller’s Professional Imaging and in my opinion, their quality and customer service is unmatched. I have a few products that I absolutely love and order for my clients often. There are other professional imaging companies that you can also order from that produce great results! If you want to get your images a little faster and don’t have as much to spend up front, I suggest ordering though a local print company that specializes in printing images. The reason I don’t suggest your typical box stores or online stores (walmart, walgreens, shutterfly, sams club) is because I can’t guarantee that the quality of your images will turn out like you see them on the computer. These companies don’t specialize in printing images so you just never know how they’ll turn out. But, there are some local print companies that have super reasonable prices and will do a great job for you!

No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is that you have images you LOVE displayed in your home. Because every time you see those images, it will make your heart just a little bit happier and remind you of the love that comes from having a connection with the special people in your life! And let’s not forget the feeling of HOME that comes too!

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