April 2, 2021

Happy Easter | Personal | Sarah Tapp Photography

Ah, I love Easter! My favorite season has always been Spring and of course Easter always falls around Springtime! … But this Easter feels a lot different to me than any Easter I’ve ever celebrated. … The past 2 years have been really difficult for me. And especially this last year. Covid has taken a toll on all of us. It has been rough physically for many of us and I would say that it’s probably been even harder mentally and emotionally. I know that this last year, I’ve been more frustrated, scared, sad, angry and anxious than I’ve probably ever been in my life. And it’s taken a toll … on me and on my family.

… But as Easter gets closer and closer I’ve been feeling more peace and calm. I went on vacation last week and before I left it was pretty cold and rainy. And when I came home it was sunny and so many trees and plants were in bloom! I kept looking at all the blossoms around me and thinking about new life. … Trees and plants loose all their leaves and blossoms in the fall. And in the Spring, new leaves and blossoms start to grow. … New life. A new start. A new day. … I’m tired of feeling frustrated, scared, sad, angry and anxious. And I know that probably not all of that will completely go away just because it’s Spring and Easter. But I do know that I can try to start new. I can look at this season as a fresh start. Another chance. A chance to grow and change and try to become whole. …

… In my church, we believe in a living God, a resurrected God. A God who is leading and guiding our lives right now. And we believe that one day, we too will be resurrected and will get to live with Him again. … And while I grew up with this knowledge and belief, it’s been hard for me to actually find hope in it though this past year. … But as I went through my daily life, looking at the the blossoms around me, I had a thought that touched my heart. … The new blooms every year on the trees and plants are a symbol of the resurrection. Because one day, I’ll get a chance to be completely new and whole. … So everything that seems scary or hard or wrong … will be made right. … And if I can just hold on to that hope … then I can get through anything this crazy world throws at me. So, this Easter, let’s start again. Let’s start fresh. Let’s start today.

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