September 16, 2021

Fennell Wedding | Portland Oregon Wedding | Sarah Tapp Photography

Oh man, I don’t even know where to start with describing this wedding! … Jess & Alan are people that you instantly fall in love with. They are so genuine and kind and just so fun! You can tell through everything they do, that they live life to the fullest. They treasure each moment they’re given and it’s so beautiful to watch. … I have all my couples fill out a series of questionnaires leading up to their wedding and one of the questions I ask is ‘How did you hear about Sarah Tapp Photography?’. Well, Jess’ answer was ‘I stalked you down 😉 haha’! And I LOVE that! I love that she is so unapologetically herself and so open. I also ask questions about how my couples meet, their proposal story, etc. And Jess gave me ALL the details which is SO perfect! I love being able to know your story and really be let into your lives on the most special day of your life. And that’s exactly what Jess and Alan did.

We started the day photographing so many little details that meant the world to them. … Jesseca’s dad passed away when she was 13 but he was very present in the wedding. There was a seat right up front reserved for him and Jess had a charm on her bouquet with his photo. Jess and Alan also both got gifts for each other for the wedding, him a watch, and her earrings. They had an amazing custom wood ring box, gorgeous bouquet, custom brides hanger and of course the beautiful wedding gown that was the first one Jess tried on! After taking a few separate getting ready photos, the couple decided to have a first look with just the two of them before the ceremony. …and holy cow, were we all crying! I left Alan in place for quite a while before I brought Jess over and when we came back to do the first look, I saw Alan and he had clearly already been crying. Alan is definitely the cryer of the two, but when Jess saw him from behind, she started tearing up too. These two have waited SO LONG to get married. Their wedding was postponed because of COVID so this moment meant so much to them. … And it was so sweet to watch and be able to capture. Before Alan turned around, Jess put her hand on his shoulder to guide him and he started sobbing! When he finally saw his bride, he was awed! He kept taking moments to just stand back and take her in. It was SO SWEET!

After Jess & Alan had a few minutes to re-coup we took some couple portraits and then family and wedding party portraits. And let me tell you, they’re wedding party is a riot! They were all about the partying which made it so fun! And then we were back to tears during the ceremony. Alan’s daughter Aria was the flower girl and of course that made Alan tear up! And then Jess walked down the aisle with her brother and the tears kept coming. The couple incorporated Alan’s parents lasso into their ceremony which was so sweet. They also shared their own vows which were so sentimental and meaningful. … One of their very best friends officiated and that made it a million times more special for them. He announced them husband and wife and then the celebration began!!!!

The couple entered the reception to the Star Wars theme song and shared their first dance to ‘Is That Alright?’ by Lady Gaga. After dinner Jess and Alan brought their kids onto the dance floor and made sure to spend some precious moments with them. … One of Alan’s best man’s shared a toast and said that Alan brought this little family of his together and that he is an amazing father to Aria and Jackson. And then Jesseca’s maid of honor said that Jess is a great mom. This wedding wasn’t just about two people, it was about a family. It was about friends coming together to celebrate other friends and to cheer each other on. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to photograph Jess & Alan’s wedding and to see so many people come together to support them! Congrats you two! <3

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    So Beautiful, I teard up! Jess was my neighbor years ago. I always remember her bright smile, I looked up to her as she had so much light! These pictures are powerful enough to feel the emotion. Congratulations for Allan and Jess what a wonderful day you two crated! ❤

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