June 23, 2021

Emalee & Ryan | Oregon Lake Engagements | Sarah Tapp Photography

When Emalee came to me with the idea of having their engagement session at a lake I was allllll for it! We struggled a little bit to find a location but I went scouting out some lakes and found Fall Creek Lake and it is BEAUTIFUL! We picked a date that worked for both of us and then of course, the weather decided to be crazy. So, we re-scheduled, thought we’d be good and then the weather changed AGAIN! We were expecting it to be cloudy and even rainy so we decided to meet at Fall Creek Lake in the afternoon so even if it was cloudy and rainy it would still be light enough! Well, we got there and it was partly cloudy and then totally sunny! And SO hot! What!? But we had both traveled more than 2 hours each so we were going to make it work! And we did! I seriously have no idea how, the only thing I can think of is that this couple is amazing! They were SO chill and laid back and didn’t even seem annoyed that the weather was not at all what it said it would be!

Emalee & Ryan actually met on Tinder but Emalee only had it for 3 days because she thought it was so stupid. haha! Of course she met Ryan in the 3 days and made him drive 40 minutes away to her flower shop to meet! And they just sat there talking for hours! Fast forward to April of this year and Ryan took Emalee to the Woodburn tulip festival where he proposed in the middle of the field. Totally perfect for them since Emalee is a florist! I loved photographing these two and can’t wait for their wedding next Summer!

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