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November 3, 2023

During your engagement session | Behind the scenes part 2 | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photo + Events

Something I really strive for in my business is making sure you have FUN during your engagement session! But first, I make sure that all the logistics are taken care of! I’ll tell you exactly where and when we’re meeting and I leave early so I can get there before you! That way, I am right ready when you show up so we can maximize the time we have together! I’ll usually greet you with a wave because I hate handshakes. 🤷‍♀️ And then I make sure you’re both looking great! I’ll ask you to leave your purse/phone in the car unless you need it and I’ll put anything you do need with you in my bag so you don’t have to carry it!

Then we’ll start! I typically like to walk a little bit before I start photographing you. That way you can warm up and get a little more comfortable before I just shove your face in front of my camera. 😂 I usually like to start by asking follow up questions from the info. you put on your engagement questionnaire. I’ll maybe ask about the proposal or how you met or what your favorite TV show is! And once I feel like I know you a little better and can feel that you’re a little more relaxed, I’ll pick a spot and start directing you!

My favorite way to start actually photographing you is with the two of you looking at each other. If you’re anything at all like me, then when you look into your love’s eyes, you’re immediately calm and comfortable. I don’t know what it is, but something about them just puts you at ease and makes everything right. Plus, it’s way better to look at the person you fell in love with than to look at me, am I right!? After I’ve taken a few shots and a couple of poses with you looking at each other, I promise to have you look at me for a few photos too. I definitely want ones of you looking at the camera and smiling because most likely those are the images you’ll use for your wedding invitations!

Then I’ll start with posing prompts. (You can read more about that in my WHY I USE POSING PROMPTS blog post!) I’ll have you walk hand in hand and look at each other while you’re walking (this is really crazy if we’re on un-even ground!). I’ll have you kiss and whisper in each others’ ears. I’ll have you dance and spin. And I’ll have you give bear hugs and maybe even lift each other up! haha! As an Idaho Wedding Photographer, this is my favorite part during your engagement session! This is when you really get comfortable and you start to smile and laugh and just have FUN!

And you better believe I’m gonna be cracking jokes and telling you to smile FOR REAL! I’m gonna be telling you how cute you are and how beautiful and amazing you look together! And if I say ‘perfect’ more than about 10 times, you know you’re killin’ it! And the best part? You and your love get to have fun together and connect even more through it all! And if I see a gorgeous image on the back of my camera, I’m showin’ it to you!

You may not realize it by how I act during your engagement session, but I am actually an introvert. But when I get in front of a couple that’s in love, that all goes out the window and I am the happiest girl alive! So, you know I’ll be doing whatever it takes to get the shot! As an Idaho Engagement Photographer, I’ll be fake laughing to get you to real laugh. I’ll be squatting a lot to get the perfect angle and if the shot requires it, I’ll be on my hands and knees or even laying on the ground! I promise to make sure your hair is perfect and out of your face and that you don’t give me any weird faces or blinking eyes!

Towards the end of our time, I’ll ask if you can think of any other poses or shots you want and we’ll get those (and maybe a few more) and then we start to walk back to the cars! I’m sure I’ll stop you at least 3 times on the way for just ‘one more’ photo. But sometimes, those last images are the best and that’s why I take the extra time to make sure we’ve gotten everything! I’ll let you know how long it’ll take to edit and deliver the images and then I send you on your way and tell you go on a date night while you’re all dressed up!

And if you’re curious about what it looks like to work with me as your Idaho Wedding Photographer before your engagement session, you can head HERE!






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