July 31, 2019

Donnie & Jamie | A Sweetheart Session | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

I’ve known Donnie & Jamie for a while! Donnie is my husband Geoff’s older brother. When I first met Donnie, Geoff and I were in High School. I felt like I was over at their house constantly but Donnie wasn’t really ever around. He was home from his mission for medical reasons but I don’t remember seeing a lot of him. He left to go back to his mission shortly after Geoff and I started dating. When Donnie got back from his mission he went up to BYUI and when Geoff and I graduated High School, we went up there too. Donnie and Geoff roomed together for a year before Geoff left on his mission. I stayed in school while Geoff was gone and Donnie and I actually graduated the same semester and walked together. Geoff and I got married 4 months after I graduated and 3 months after Geoff got back from his mission.

Then Donnie’s college girlfriend Jamie got back from her mission and they got married in July 2015. They met at BYUI and they are so perfect for each other! They’re both quiet and calm and whenever they talk to each other, they’re voices are so soft and sweet. But, knowing them pretty well, I was able to get them out of their shells just a little bit during this session. They deserve a little fun in their lives! They are both so hard working! Donnie is an artist getting his Master’s Degree and Jamie works at a hospital in Idaho Falls doing things that I don’t even understand a little bit! I loved getting to hang out with these two!

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