August 15, 2018

Diana & Nick | Rose River Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

When I first met Diana & Nick at our client meeting, I knew they’d be a perfect fit for me! Diana was so composed and calm and Nick just kept cracking jokes! The perfect combination! No wonder they’ve been together for 10 years! They met when Diana was a senior in High School and during the toasts at their wedding, one of Diana’s sisters mentioned that I’m sure Diana was thinking that she just had to marry this guy right when she met him! Well, they were right! They’ve been together through several graduations, and a couple moves. But they ended up in Pocatello Idaho and last year, Nick decided to propose! And oh my goodness, their proposal story is SO CUTE!

Nick planned it all out! On August 2nd, 2017, he kidnapped Diana from work and told her they were going somewhere for the night and she’d be back for work in the morning. After several hours of driving, they pulled into Challis and stayed the night at a bed and breakfast near a hot pool. The next morning they pack up and get in the car. They start driving and Diana still thinks they’re going back home. Well, Nick had a different plan and just started driving! After Diana’s concerning looks, Nick smirks and says, ‘I got the day off and we’re traveling for the weekend’. Diana was finally able to calm down and enjoy the ride. They arrived in Sunbeam Idaho where Nick had planned a white water rafting trip! They’d never done it before and had so much fun! After that, they drove back to Goldberg hot springs and Nick told Diana they were going to camp for the night. They hiked 2.5 miles with all their gear to a beautiful spot up by the hot springs! They finally set up camp and enjoyed some s’mores by the fire. They set up a mat and laid out to look at the stars. After checking his watch several times, he told Diana he wanted to tell her a story. Diana says, ‘He reached into his pack and pulled out a bag of painted wood chips. He laid them out so I could see the pictures, and explained that each piece represented a part of our trip. There was the logo from the Challis hot springs, the logo from the rafting company, the view from Goldbug, some horses, and the Pocatello city flag. He then flipped the pieces over revealing some lines that made no sense. I needed to put them together like a puzzle. After a few attempts, I figured it out. It said “I Love You.”‘ Nick then told Diana to close her eyes and make a wish. It was 11:11 and they always make wishes at 11:11. Nick told Diana to wait to open her eyes and when she did she looked down at the tiles and the wood chips had glowing writing on them! This time, the wood chips read “marry me?” Nick got up on one knee and started to propose, then told Diana to stand up so he could do it properly. And of course she said yes!

Nick & Diana are so perfect for each other and balance each other out! Diana is compassionate and detail-oriented and Nick is silly and brilliant! And their wedding was amazing! Every detail was planned and put together perfectly and Diana and Nick were so calm all day! Diana was even dancing a little during the ceremony because she was so excited! I loved spending the day with these two and their families and celebrating with them! Here’s to many more years of love and laughter for you two! Congrats Diana & Nick!


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