June 4, 2018

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Well, we’ve been keeping a little secret around here! I am expecting with baby #2! AH! What!? Geoff and I have always really wanted 4 kids but after my first pregnancy with Adalynn, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to have any more kids! I had a really rough pregnancy, labor and delivery and recovery. Everything was rough! But with time, I’ve somehow forgotten all the hard stuff and been able to just focus on our sweet girl Adalynn who is 17 months now and will be 23 months when our next baby comes! I think that’s probably a pretty good distance in age. I’m due November 21st! The day before Thanksgiving, another holiday baby! haha! Adalynn was born on December 30th 2016. She was 4 days late, so I’m pretty much certain that I’ll be late with this baby too. But, ya never know, right!?

We are so excited to bring another addition into our family and even more excited to have someone for Adalynn to play with! She is a people lover, unlike my husband and I. We’d rather stay home all day and just hang out. But she forces me to get out and LOVES being busy and being around people. She’ll even go up and hug total strangers! I better keep an eye on her! We only have a 2 bedroom house right now and Geoffrey graduates next April so we’re here until then. So, boy or girl? Either way, they get to share a room for at least 6 months! We are so excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to meet this little baby!

📷 ~ Michelle and Logan

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