January 7, 2019

A letter to Geoffrey on his last first day | Personal | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Hey Love,

Oh my goodness, I cant believe we are here! Finally, it’s your last first day of school and I am so excited and so proud. You are an amazing man and I knew even before I married you that you would do everything you could to provide for your family. And you have. The road hasn’t been easy and I know you haven’t always felt like you’re providing for us in the way that you should, but the truth is that you have done everything right. Going to school is a huge commitment and getting through it is a huge accomplishment and I know it hasn’t been easy for you. I know you’ve struggled with teachers and assignments and busy work and grades and distractions and thats’s okay. It wasn’t meant to be easy. I know you’ve also felt like you haven’t made enough money to support us and yes, we’ve struggled and had to get creative when figuring out how to pay bills, but you’ve supported us in other ways, in more important ways.

You supported me through each of my pregnancies by being patient with me and running errands when I had cravings. You supported me through the labor and delivery of each of our girls with endless back rubs, encouragement and strength. And you’ve supported me and the girls by being an amazing father. I don’t even think I changed one of Adalynn’s diapers for at least a month after she was born and you’ve always jumped in and helped when I’ve been too overwhelmed to handle it. You’ve given me blessings from my Father in Heaven and encouraged me to keep trying and keep believing. You’ve led our home and family with the priesthood power in righteousness. You always follow promptings and you give me the best advice. You play with our girls and you encourage them to learn new things. And you’ve done all this while working on homework for 40+ hours a week and working to earn an income for our family. I know you sometimes feel like going through school and getting your degree will never pay off, but I promise you it will. And not just financially. It will pay off because of all the memories we’ve made. The struggles we’ve had that have made us stronger and pulled us together and the experiences that we will always remember. I am so proud of you geoffrey tapp. I know the road has been long and I know you’re worried about finding a job in your field but you have done everything you can and the Lord will take care of the rest. I love you!

Love, your wife

P.S. Good luck at your interview today!!! 😉

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