November 15, 2019

5 years | An Anniversary Letter to Geoffrey| Personal | Sarah Tapp Photography

5 years! We actually hit a milestone!!! Woohoo!!! But then again, I knew we would. Because we both believe in love and in strong marriages. This year has been anything but easy but you have been my strength through it all.

We started the year by having a baby girl right after our last anniversary and because we don’t plan very well, I was so stressed that her birthday would be so close to this important date. But, it’s been totally fine and you convinced me that it’s okay. Then you started your last semester of school and you helped take care of the girls and me and put up with all the busyness in my life. Not to mention applying for a zillion jobs to make sure that you could provide for us after you graduated. And then we moved in with my parents for the last month of school because we weren’t sure where we were going to be after that! Added pressure came when you hadn’t had many interviews and no job offers but graduation was almost here. . . . Finally an offer came and we moved again. You finished school! AND passed all your classes! YES!

We started getting settled but your job wasn’t what you had hoped it would be. You were working long hours and had no time for yourself or to spend with me and the girls. But you were determined to stick it out for a year so you could get a better job after that. You went through a bunch of certifications and I saw you work so hard and sacrifice so that you could provide for us.

And then a different, way more perfect job offer came but it meant moving again . . . and, moving to a different state with no family and no friends anywhere around. And this is where the real trial started. We had to move within a month from the offer and that was stressful but we both knew it was the right move. And then when we got here, I was miserable. I missed my home and my support system and we were both trying to figure out how to get used to a new normal. And it’s been H.A.R.D. We’ve had to lean on each other way more than we ever did before and we’ve had to communicate very clearly and openly about everything. And we both know that communication is not either of our greatest strengths.

But through it all, we’ve learned so much more about each other and we’ve found strength in each other. Or at least, I’ve found strength in you. You’ve been my rock and you’ve made sure that I know that I’m doing the best I can. You’ve encouraged me and helped me to find a little bit of a new normal. (Let’s face it, I take forever to adjust) You’ve opened up to me and have helped me to understand more . . . about everything. You’ve shown me that I mean the world to you. And that you’ll do anything and everything to make sure I’m happy and to help me find peace. And that means more to me than you know. I love you. And I can’t wait to keep loving you. Happy anniversary!

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