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September 17, 2018

3 ways to support your husband | Love will overcome | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Being able to support your husband is an amazing strength to them and to you! It builds trust and makes your relationship so much better. And I know from experience. This is something I’ve really struggled with because sometimes I don’t even understand what my husband is talking about. He’s a Mechanical Engineering major and his brain is super technical. He knows EVERYTHING! And I also get so confused when he starts talking about almost anything. So, it’s really hard for me to be supportive when I don’t even know what he’s saying! lol. But, I have found that when I really make an effort to support him, our relationship only grows! So, if you’re anything like me, here are a few tips to help you support your husband!

~ 1 ~ Be interested! I think this might be the most important! If you show interest in what your husband is doing and at least try to understand, he will feel validated and strengthened. It’s the same for us. When someone shows interest in what we’re doing it helps us to feel confident and appreciated. Your husband is exactly the same. He wants to feel appreciated and giving him the opportunity to explain things to you just boosts his confidence!

~ 2 ~ Give him space. Make sure that he has enough room to work on the things he wants to. My husband really loves tinkering with things. He has several RC planes and helicopters, a 3D printer and a CNC machine. Most of which, he’s made himself. He loves working on them and unfortunately we don’t have lots of space in our current house. But, we’ve moved a lot of his things into the shed in the backyard and we’ve tried to make it a comfortable space for him. We cleaned it out really good, sprayed for bugs and put a rug in there so he can have a comfortable space that’s all his to work on what he wants to! This way, he can keep it exactly how he wants, whether that’s super neat and tidy or a little chaotic.

~ 3 ~ Help him make decisions. Your husband is the one person you should talk to about everything! I strongly believe that making decisions together is so important. My husband graduates in April and we have a lot of big decisions coming up. Where to live, where to work, to keep renting or to buy a house, etc. And we have a new baby coming in November! So, needless to say, it’ll be a little crazy. But talking through different options and helping him make decisions is so helpful! He wants your input and wants you to be happy so having your help with decisions will only strengthen your relationship and make things so much more smooth!

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