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If you’re ever been to Coldstone then you know just how good their ice cream is and if you haven’t, GO RIGHT NOW! Geoff and I don’t actually get to go there very often but we love it when we do. So, for this date night we decided to make our own cold stone creations! I wanted it to be a surprise so I ran to the store and grabbed 2 different kinds of ice cream and a bunch of toppings! I grabbed a couple of geoff’s favorite candy bars and then some of my favorites. Geoff ended up making vanilla with hot fudge (boring, I know!) and I made cotton candy ice cream (YUM) with charleston chews! haha. Mine didn’t quite work out how I thought it would because the candy got super cold, but it was still really good! Then we played a game and ate our ice cream! Super simple but it was so fun to just be like a little kid again with the ice cream creations! What would you create?

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