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Man, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post about wedding tips! So, I thought it was time. … I think sometimes we all get caught up in thinking that weddings have to be and look a certain way. But the truth of the matter is that it’s YOUR DAY! YOU are the one getting married and dang it, YOU should be able to enjoy YOUR wedding day, whatever that looks like! I seriously get SO excited when couples tell me that they’re having a unique wedding! I love it when a couple can be so unapologetically themselves in regards to their wedding! But, how do you do that!? Here are a couple tips to get you thinking and help you figure it out!

~ What do you and your love enjoy doing or eating? ~ Think about the things that you like to do as a couple and see if there’s a way to incorporate that into your day! I had one couple that loved games so they had a few life size yard games at their summer reception! Another couple that also loved games put different card game decks at each reception table so their guests could play with each other during the reception! … Think about what you love to eat and incorporate that! One of my couples LOVES eating french fries! So they decided to have a french fry bar at their wedding! Another couple put up a huge donut wall because they loved donuts. Don’t be afraid to get creative and do something out of the norm.

~ What sweet and unique stories can you share from your relationship? ~ Uh, I LOVE this! I love it when couples share a little bit of their hearts with everyone at their wedding! In fact, the last wedding I had really touched my heart as the bride shared in her vows that she had a treasure box to give to her love that carried all of her broken pieces because she knew he would take care of them and take care of her. … Share how you met or a story about your first date. … I planned my best friends wedding and we did this with their story! We created kind of a picture storyboard about their relationship and everything that brought them together. And then guests that don’t know either the bride or the groom can see more of your personalities and share in your relationship!

~ What is unique about you and your love and how can you incorporate that into your decor? ~ This one is a little harder for most people to figure out so let me give you a bunch of examples! A couple I recently photographed had special crayons made in the shape of each child’s name that would be attending the wedding. They also had a super cute handmade coloring book for these kids to color in during the reception! For a guest book, one couple decided to have a wooden bench made and people signed that! My husband and I love music so we had people sign a painted guitar and we put sheet music on the tables as part of the centerpieces. My best friend LOVES the 50’s so we put records up on the wall and put their engagement photos in the middle of each one. We also incorporated vintage suitcases and pearls! I even photographed a softball themed wedding! And it was totally unique to the couple and perfect for them!

~ Do you want the traditional white gown look or is that not your style? ~ Oh man, this is probably the HARDEST thing to personalize. Most people expect the bride to wear a long white dress with a veil and they expect the groom to wear a pinned up tux and dress shoes. … Ya know what I say, challenge those expectations! Do what YOU want! If you wanna wear a colored wedding dress, then go for it! If your guy wants skulls on his vest, have one custom made! If your guy hates wearing tuxedos consider jeans and a button up shirt! If you just cannot stand the thought of wearing a veil, don’t wear one! Think about a headpiece, floral crown or just leave your hair down and natural! Hate wearing heels? Try some cute sandals instead! Your guys doesn’t wanna wear dress shoes, let him pick nike’s or converse! … It’s totally up to YOU!

Whatever it is that you can think of, incorporate unique touches to your day! I promise you will NOT regret it! Your wedding is one of the most special, memorable and important days of your life and making it personal just makes it even better! Happy Planning!

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