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The Peterson’s | A Sweetheart Session | Idaho Wedding Photographer | Sarah Tapp Photography

Oh man. I cannot say enough good things about this couple! So, a lot of people probably don’t know, but my husband and Jaycee’s husband are best friends! They met in high school and hung out all the time! So, Jake and Geoff and I all went to high school together and graduated the same year. 3 years later Geoff and I got married and even though Jake and Jaycee were engaged before we were, they got married 2 months after us! haha! We loved going to their wedding and Geoff was a groomsmen! We get together with Jake & Jaycee all the time and Jaycee and I have become close friends. She is the kindest person I know and she is so humble and willing to help with anything and everything! Jake and Jaycee are so sweet and so in love even after 4 years of marriage!

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